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The 2012 TED Prize is awarded to….the City 2.0.

Posted in seeking, Visions by Kate Archdeacon on December 7th, 2011

TED is pleased to announce the winner of the 2012 TED Prize. For the first time in the history of the prize, it is being awarded not to an individual, but to an idea. It is an idea upon which our planet’s future depends.

The 2012 TED Prize is awarded to….the City 2.0.

The City 2.0 is the city of the future… a future in which more than ten billion people on planet Earth must somehow live sustainably. The City 2.0 is not a sterile utopian dream, but a real-world upgrade tapping into humanity’s collective wisdom. The City 2.0 promotes innovation, education, culture, and economic opportunity. The City 2.0 reduces the carbon footprint of its occupants, facilitates smaller families, and eases the environmental pressure on the world’s rural areas. The City 2.0 is a place of beauty, wonder, excitement, inclusion, diversity, life. The City 2.0 is the city that works.

The TED Prize grants its winner $100,000 and “one wish to change the world.” How will this prize be accepted on behalf of the City 2.0? Through visionary individuals around the world who are advocating on its behalf. We are listening to them and giving them the opportunity to collectively craft a wish. A wish capable of igniting a massive collaborative project among the members of the global TED community, and indeed all who care about our planet’s future.

Individuals or organizations who wish to contribute their ideas to a TED Prize wish on behalf of The City 2.0 should write to

The wish will be unveiled on February 29, 2012 at the TED Conference in Long Beach, California. On a Leap Year date, we have a chance, collectively, to take a giant leap forward.

Seeking Innovation for Behaviour Change

Posted in Research by Kate Archdeacon on August 26th, 2009

Source: Food Climate Research Network

Image: Earth Hour,  The Mirror

Defra , UK (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), wishes to commission a programme of action based research to test innovative approaches for encouraging and in turn potentially catalysing pro-environmental behaviours and sustainable patterns of consumption.

Informed by the available evidence base, the particular emphasis is to move towards influencing behaviour through testing interventions which focus on the internal and/or (where possible) external causes of behaviour.

The findings will inform the design and practical application of policies, communications initiatives and strategies to encourage pro-environmental behaviour.

Projects should focus on ways of promoting pro-environmental behaviour in relation to one or more of the following pro-environmental behavioural themes:

· Energy efficiency/ usage in the home

· Waste and recycling · Water efficiency/ usage in the home

· Personal transport (including tourism)

· Purchase of eco-friendly products

For more information visit the funding site.

The deadline for applications is 9th September 2009.

Seeking: Climate Campaign Coordinator

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on June 30th, 2009

Source: Greenleap


The Nature Conservation Council of NSW are seeking a Climate Campaign Coordinator.

“Are you looking for a challenging role on the frontline of community engagement and organising on climate change?”

Applications close 9am, Monday 13 July, 2009.

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Seeking information – do you grow your own food for ‘survival’?

Posted in Research by fedwards on March 13th, 2009

I realise that ‘survival’ is a fairly strong term, but I’m wondering if there are many people out there – in Australia and elsewhere – who have been or who have recently started to grow their own food in order to supplement their diets? The reasons of course may be varied – is it due to burgeoning tough times in the economic recession, is it because you’d like to become more self-sufficient and self-supporting, is it because you want to act and do something for yourself and for the environment in this era of climate change? Of course, there’s probably many more reasons than that…. And maybe you’re doing other things besides…. I’d be very interested to know.

Please either comment on Sustainable Cities Net below or email me directly at fedwards
Ferne Edwards, Moderator,

Healthy Cities Conference

Posted in Events by fedwards on March 10th, 2009

Please see message below from Sophie Secombe, Healthy Cities Conference Secretariat. More information is available at

There are only 2 weeks remaining until the Healthy Cities Conference being held at the Holiday Inn, Surfers Paradise 25th – 27th March 2009. The Conference will be a platform for Government, Academics and Industry sector professionals to consider health, sustainability, natural resource management, climate change, urban design and the implications for public policy. The future will present some exciting challenges, what do we need to meet these challenges and how will it effect the way we live and work?

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A Revolutionary new city bus, ‘Freight*Bus’ that’s so much more than just a means of transporting people, it’s a radical bus & urban freight system concept.

Posted in Models by hugh on December 16th, 2008

A real ‘step change’ in city transportation logistics, Freight*Bus marks the integration of passenger and freight transportation. It will have a profound impact on city infrastructure, providing increased passenger and freight capacity, improved convenience and service, whilst reducing congestion, pollution and real costs.

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Do you have an idea to change the world – Project 10 to 100 – submission deadline 20 October!

Posted in Uncategorized by fedwards on October 9th, 2008

Google has launched Project 10100 – a project that calls for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible. Google believes the answers are already out there to help others – “Maybe in a lab, or a company, or a university — but maybe not. Maybe the answer that helps somebody is in your head, in something you’ve observed, some notion that you’ve been fiddling with, some small connection you’ve noticed, some old thing you have seen with new eyes”.

Google are also fully committed to funding the winning ideas. Time is running out for submissions – the deadline is 20 October – don’t miss out!

To learn more about Project 10100 visit their website.

Call for proposals: Addressing the climate vulnerabilities of urban Africa

Posted in Uncategorized by fedwards on October 2nd, 2008

To better prepare Africa’s urban settlements for climate variability and change, the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa (CCAA) program invites combined research and capacity building proposals that address the vulnerabilities of Africa’s urban centres to climate change, and will help urban stakeholders work together in developing adaptation options.

This call for proposals is co-funded by CCAA and IDRC’s Urban Poverty and Environment program. The application and project development process is led by CCAA.

Full details on this call can be found at: Completed applications, accompanied by full proposals, must be submitted no later than midnight, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), November 30, 2008 to: ccaa-urbancall

The Climate Change Adaptation in Africa (CCAA) research and capacity development program is jointly funded by IDRC and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID).

Seeking academic contributors for the Green Series

Posted in Uncategorized by fedwards on September 18th, 2008

Please see a message below which may be of interest to Sustainable Cities readers from Ellen Ingber, Author Manager, Golson Media.

“We are inviting academic editorial contributors to the Green Series, a new electronic reference series for academic and public libraries addressing all aspects of environmental issues, including alternative energies, sustainability, politics, agriculture, and many other subjects that will comprise a 12-title set. Each title has approximately 150 articles (much like encyclopedia articles) on major themes, ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 words. We are starting the assignment process for articles for the first three titles in the series with a deadline of FEBRUARY 2, 2009:
Green Energy
Green Politics
Green Food

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