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Thriving Neighbourhoods 2012: Call for papers

Posted in Models, Research, seeking by Kate Archdeacon on January 26th, 2012

Thriving Neighbourhoods is a conference on emerging approaches to the planning, design and management of local neighbourhoods that are set to radically improve health, social engagement, environmental quality and productivity in communities. Thriving communities have the resilience needed to adapt creatively to unexpected challenges such as climate change, population change, rapid technological change, social upheaval and economic crises.

The complexity of the systems involved in creating thriving communities poses difficult and challenging issues for planners, developers, managers and researchers. But the potential returns on the invested effort and resources are massive. Capturing these returns requires professional collaboration across policy sectors including health, planning, design, infrastructure, IT and the built and natural environments. Communities must also be engaged from the outset, recognising diverse cultural and individual needs.

We invite papers and presentations on research and practice related to the challenge of creating and supporting thriving neighbourhoods and communities. Work to be presented may be related to the areas represented in the diagram below, on: the challenges; the processes of change and development; the specifics of place; the measurement of outcomes.

2 April 2012: Deadline for Abstracts (400 words)

28 May 2012: Abstracts acceptance notice

Find out more about submitting a paper.

Working Together Towards a Sustainable World: Call for Papers

Posted in Events, Research, seeking by Kate Archdeacon on November 7th, 2011

The International Academic Forum in conjunction with its global partners is proud to announce the Second Annual Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment, to be held from May 3-6 2012, at the Ramada Osaka, Osaka, Japan.

CONFERENCE THEME: “Working Together Towards a Sustainable World”

Sustainability has emerged as the most important global issue for business, industry, government, and academia, and yet to begin with sustainability was associated only with environmental concerns such as energy and global warming. It is now recognized that the concept of sustainability is applicable to all areas of human society, for example in terms of social/economic justice, or responsible business practice. Issues such as poverty, hunger, education, health care, and access to markets should be a part of the evolution of any comprehensive sustainability paradigm as we work together to achieve a sustainable future.

ACSEE 2012 will address these various dimensions of human sustainability as we invite scholars from around the world to address questions and search for solutions to the complex issues surrounding sustainability in a forum encouraging serious and thoughtful exchange between academics, members of the global business community, and practitioners in the fields of human endeavor that link these.

We call on scientists from around the globe to meet and share our respective outlooks and collective wisdom on a critical issue of common concern: the pursuit of a sustainable world. It is a sincere hope that attendees will use this time together, not just for intellectual discovery and discourse, but to establish a common vision and to motivate each other to do our part in the creation of a better world. We greatly appreciate your attendance and encourage your active engagement throughout the conference.

Call for Papers Now Open: Abstract Submissions Deadline February 1 2012

Visit the website for more information.

Community Power Conference: Australian communities taking charge of their energy use

Posted in Events, Research by Kate Archdeacon on October 12th, 2011

Are you looking for practical, achievable ways to reduce the impact of electricity price rises in your community? The Community Power Conference: Australian Communities Taking Charge, aims to showcase how regional Australian communities: are developing innovative energy projects, helping to reduce local economic shocks can take practical action to hedge against rising energy prices.

14 -15 November, The Capital – Bendigo Performing Arts Centre, View Street, Bendigo

The Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities, in its third biennial conference on renewable energy, is partnering with the Central Victoria Solar City project, part of the Australian Government’s Solar Cities program, and the City of Greater Bendigo, to deliver an exciting exploration of current energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies and actions being taken by Australian communities. This conference will show your community what it can do with regard to:

  • more efficient use of energy in homes and businesses
  • more effective demand management to smooth peak energy loads, and
  • developing local, renewable energy generators embedded within the national distribution network.

The conference will bring together leaders in the renewable energy industry including government, industry associations and communities which have adopted sustainable strategies built on innovative, renewable energy business models. Speakers will engage with community and municipality leaders:

  • Outlining and developing comprehensive strategies for local and regional energy sustainability (identifying appropriate business models, overcoming policy barriers, engaging your community, knowing your technology options);
  • Showcasing examples of regional communities that have already, or are in the process of putting such strategies in place; and,
  • Reviewing and developing communities’ local and regional energy sustainability policy and programs.

If your community is facing increased energy costs and you would like to learn how to address this issue at the local level then this conference can help you. Follow the link below for more information.

Australia Electric Vehicle Conference

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on October 11th, 2011

Source: Alternative Technology Association(ATA)

The Australia Electric Vehicle Conference provides a unique opportunity to listen to renowned professionals and network across this fast growing industry. The program will focus on electric vehicles and their introduction on the Australian market, as well as a range of issues alongside their emergence.

Topics include the potential impact of EVs on the electricity grid, the provision of charging infrastructure, the development of appropriate policies, the economics of EVs and the role EVs will play in making a transition to cleaner and greener transport.  CEOs such as Energex’s Terry Effeney and Chargepoint’s James Brown will be presenting alongside senior representatives of state government EV programs from WA, VIC and QLD. And in its world-first appearance, a full electric super-car based on Australian technology will be released and displayed.

When: 26th October

Time: 8.30am to 5.30pm

Where: Sebel & Citigate Hotel, Brisbane

For more information or bookings go to

Early bird registration until Oct 19!

The New Urbanism & Smart Transport 2011 International Conference

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on September 6th, 2011

The New Urbanism & Smart Transport 2011 International Conference Perth – Australia
Towards Liveable Cities & Better Communities

The New Urbanism is a vision that is becoming a reality in a few new communities. New Urbanism claims to offer a real, smart growth method of town and city planning that will repair cities and make them the livable, vital things they once were. New Urbanism and smart growth involves much more than light rail transportation.

Planners, architectural design and related professions as well as academics, government representatives, and smart growth advocates around the world are talking about a more comprehensive transportation overhaul, one that includes mass transit between and within cities and bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The key here is less reliance on cars only and stronger relationships between transportation systems and the communities themselves.

Attendees will include local, national and international experts in a range of planning, architectural design and related professions as well as academics, government representatives and others interested in developing more liveable cities and better communities.

September 26 & 27, Perth, Western Australia

Cities With People In Mind: ICTC Conference

Posted in Events, Movements by Rob Henshaw on August 8th, 2011

The International Cities, Town Centres & Communities Society Inc (ICTC), is an independent, not for profit association based in Queensland whose main aim is to assist cities, towns and communities to be as environmentally, socially & economically sustainable as possible.  Since incorporating in 2002, the Society has conducted annual conferences attracting 300-450 delegates in cities and towns from as far north as Yeppoon in Queensland to Fremantle in Western Australia.

The 2011 conference, “Cities with People in Mind“, is hosted by Hobart City Council and is being held in Hobart from 25-28 October and includes dedicated sessions on the following:-

  • “Sustainable Cities & Towns”
  • “Carbon Neutral Cities”
  • “Green Building & Healthy Cities”
  • “Transport & Urban Communities”
  • “Housing Affordability”
  • “Infrastructure Planning & Development”
  • “Community Building & Consultation”
  • “Managing Growth”
  • “Regional Strategic Planning”
  • “Place Making & Place Management”
  • “Business Improvement Districts” as well as others.
25-28 October 2011

Hotel Grand Chancellor
Constitution Dock
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

For more information visit

Sustainable Cities Net: posting from Mexico City

Posted in Events, Movements by Kate Archdeacon on November 18th, 2010

Centro Historico, photo: K Archdeacon

On behalf of Sustainable Cities Net, I (Kate) am attending and blogging on the United Cities and Local Governments Congress and the World Mayors’ Summit, held this week in Mexico City. The content will appear here and also on a site created by Siemens, who provided a similar service at COP 15 and will do so at COP 16 next month.  Over three thousand delegates from around the world will attend the presentations from city mayors on the pressures and responses they meet in their own city.  The opportunity to expand the discussion and learn about pressures, models, scales, successes and failures in other cities is unique, and the material from Sustainable Cities Net and Sustainable Melbourne will make its way into my perspective and reports.  Bloggers from other countries will be there too, so keep an eye on all the sites for a diversity of opinion!

About the Congress & Summit:

The UCLG Congress – The Local and Regional Leaders World Summit – is organised every 3 years and it brings together over 3000 local and regional elected representatives and practitioners from around the world.

Since its creation in Paris in 2004, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) has worked to make the voice of mayors and local and regional officials heard, in order to guarantee that cities and regions take their rightful place in the international community.  The cities and regions, including their inhabitants, that we work for, are being faced with stark challenges from global phenomena and events that demand individual and collective action from local authorities, such as: climate change, shared sustainable development, financial crises, dialogue between cultures.

The Local and Regional Leaders World Summit, November 18 – 21 in Mexico City, which will bring together mayors, presidents of regions, local elected officials and their partners, will be an unprecedented occasion for exchange and debate on the role of local governments in development and in the efforts for greater between citizens and also between cities and regions.

The World Mayors Summit on Climate (WMSC) will be held on November 21, 2010 in Mexico City, so that mayors from different regions of the world can sign a voluntary Pact (the Global Cities Covenant on Climate “the Mexico City Pact”) that sends a clear message to the international community on the strategic importance of cities in the struggle against climate change.
(UCLG English programme, Spanish programme, French programme,)
(Programmes on the site)

To follow the posts from the Summit follow or bookmark this link,

We will be posting regular Sustainable Cities content as well, so keep adding your articles and photos!

International Skyrise Greenery Conference 2010

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on September 27th, 2010

Source: SustainWeb

Image: padraic via flickr CC

The International Skyrise Greenery Conference 2010 will present the latest technological developments and new areas of application in the field of rooftop greenery and vertical greenery.

Held at the National Library, Singapore, it will serve as a platform where international urban greenery experts from various disciplines will come together with the academia, architects, landscape architects, landscape contractors, policy-makers and stakeholders to discuss the present and future trends of this growing sector.

Topics will include various essential aspects of skyrise greenery such as specifications and installation of rooftop greenery and vertical greenery systems, technical studies of the benefits of skyrise greenery (eg. thermal and energy conservation, air quality improvement, noise mitigation, etc), integration of skyrise greenery with sustainable eco-processes and biodiversity enhancement, incentives and guidelines.

Visit the website for more information:

Finding the Plot: Event Report

Posted in Research by Kate Archdeacon on June 17th, 2010

Source: SustainWeb

Image: © RISC

In October 2009, Local Action on Food (LAF) and Women’s Environmental Network organized an event (Finding the Plot) aimed at community groups wanting to set up food growing projects in urban areas. The day looked at the challenges that groups face and provided an opportunity to share experience and skills.  The final report outlines the presentations made by the speakers, and includes links to available on-line copies.  The report is a valuable resource as it contains references to a wide range of case studies and projects in the UK, and discusses common issues encountered by community food groups at various stages of development.

Download Finding the Plot: access to land for food growing groups in urban areas – final report

Future Everything Conference: Keynote Addresses

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on June 12th, 2010

Source: Experientia

From Design Everything, a futures conference by Mark Vanderbeeken:

I finally had a chance to listen to the two excellent keynotes of Design [Future] Everything, the futures conference that took place last month in Manchester, UK.

Keynote: Ben Cerveny

Ben Cerveny’s keynote explored how, as newly-emerging urban-scale technology infrastructures are implemented, citizens will begin to gain the ability to affect their environment in new ways, using city services the way they would use a digital application in an online environment. Through collaborative interaction with such tools, users of public spaces can configure them for specific temporary functions and even begin to ‘perform’ space together.”

Keynote: Keri Facer

In her keynote, Keri Facer explored the scenarios emerging from the Beyond Current Horizons programme and ask how, as a society, we can learn together as communities to respond to the profound environmental, demographic and technological opportunities challenges we face over the coming two decades.