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Another sustainable city website – introducing Moraga, California

Posted in Sustainable Cities by fedwards on September 16th, 2008

I’ve recently added the link to the Sustainable Moraga website (under Americas on the right-hand side bar) to the list of Sustainable Cities. This website is like many others around the world who are aspiring to make sustainable changes at a city-level. Read more about Sustainable Moraga and its goals from the abstract below from their website.

Sustainable Moraga is a local, grassroots citizens’ group founded in 2005 to help Moraga become a more sustainable community. We believe that all of us—local residents, businesses and town government—can take proactive, meaningful steps to minimize our footprint on the planet. Through awareness, education and action, Sustainable Moraga helps people and organizations in Moraga become “conscious consumers” actively preserving our environment and making Moraga a better place to live.

We are motivated by a concern for the human impact of such issues as global warming, air and water pollution, energy costs, fossil fuel depletion, waste creation and disposal, harmful pesticides and other hazardous chemicals and products. Locally, we are not immune to these problems and their negative role in cancer, asthma, plant and animal survival, temperature variation, growing season changes, terrorism and foreign resource reliance.

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