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Gatecrashing the Energy Sector: Disruptive Ideas Wanted

Posted in seeking by Kate Archdeacon on September 30th, 2010

Source: Forum for the Future

Image: Icrontic via flickr CC

If we are to overcome the dual challenges of climate change and energy security we require a radical shift in how we generate, distribute, store and use energy.  History tells us that this kind of significant change rarely comes from the companies which have found success in the existing system and we have to look to the fringes or even outside for the really disruptive ideas. The automobile profoundly changed our systems of transport, our cities and our lives, but the Model T Ford was not invented by builders of horse-drawn carriages.

Forum for the Future, supported by The Tellus Mater Foundation, is launching an experimental project to find and encourage those disruptive ideas. We want to help outsiders gatecrash the energy sector and shake up its preconceived ideas. This is not about renewables versus nuclear or centralised versus distributed. This is about changing our day-to-day relationship with energy.

Help spark a low-carbon energy revolution at

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