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World’s first post-growth economy?

Posted in Opinion, Research by Rob Eales on February 9th, 2011

Source: Make Wealth History

Image by Matthew David Powell via Flickr under this Creative Commons licence

One of the problems with moving towards a more sustainable model for the world seems to be the current economic system which champions, and is based on, growth.  It is hard to image how the world could be like once this model has been superseded:  what will it look like?  How will I fit in to it?

Perhaps however a post-growth world is already starting to appear or in some cases is already here,

From: Japan: the world’s first post-growth economy by Jeremy

Or do we? Perhaps the world already has a post-growth society, albeit an unintentional one. […]

As far as economists are concerned, this is a tragedy and a disaster. How the mighty have fallen. Japan’s GDP is essentially unchanged since the early nineties, its share of global GDP falling from 17 to just 4%. China overtook it last year to become the world’s second largest economy, and now it limps along as a economic failed state, a cautionary tale for students of capitalism.

And yet, the lights are still on, everything still works. Literacy is high, and crime is low. Life expectancy is better than almost anywhere on earth – 82 years to the US’ 78.

(Not sure what a post-growth ecomony is?  I wasn’t… A Post-Growth Economy FAQ helps.  On the same site.)

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