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Vision – Sustainable Goa

Posted in Models, Research, Visions by fedwards on June 26th, 2007

The Goa 2100 Project plans how the city of Panjim in Goa, India can become a sustainable city. According to the Project Documents produced by the Goa 2100 Design Team: Aromar Revi, Rahul Mehrotra, Sanjay Prakash, and G.K. Bhat, a key way to achieve that successful transition to a sustainable greater city involves “RUrbanism“: “the sustainable integration of rural and urban communities”. RUrbanism is a new framework for how an existing city – particularly in the developing world – can be placed on a pathway toward sustainability.

The example of greater Panjim is a model of RUrbanism in practice. The application of RUrbansim could also apply to other cities at all levels of relative economic development that are facing the challenge of better integration between growing urban centers and the rural communities.

For more information about the Goa2100 project, visit the Worldchanging website. Alternatively, the Project Documents can also be downloaded from the internet and an academic paper has also been published in the journal, Environment and Urbanization.

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