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Resource – The second issue of the International Journal of the Commons is now online

Posted in Research by fedwards on January 22nd, 2008

Find below notification of the International Journal of the Commons. This journal appears to be related/ inline with global cities concerns. Read on for more information.

The second issue of the International Journal of the Commons is now online. This issue, guest-edited by Fikret Berkes, considers a variety of conceptual perspectives and lessons from cases to deal with the problems of a globalized, multi-level world. It aims to contribute to extending and elaborating commons theory; understanding the issue of scale and institutional linkages; and understanding multi-level governance of a commons with state, private and civil society actors. The issue is largely based on papers presented at the 2006 Biennial Conference of IASC in Bali, Indonesia.

Papers investigate partnerships, networks, and cross-scale institutional linkages in commons management, using a grassroots perspective, while taking into account multi-level governance. The issue includes both conceptual and case study papers (and those combining the two), providing examples from a range of geographical areas and resource
types, and using interdisciplinary perspectives, in keeping with IASC ideals.

(Co-)Authors of this second issue are: Fikret Berkes, Derek Armitage, Lars Gunnar Carlsson, Annica Charlotte Sandström, Martha Dowlsey, Graham Marshall, Cristiana Simão Seixas, Brain Davy, Louis Lebel, Rajesh Daniel, Nathan Badenoch, Po Garden and Masao Imamura.

All articles can now be downloaded from the website:!

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