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Resource – The New State of the World 2008 Report from the WorldWatch Institute

Posted in Models, Movements, Research by fedwards on January 25th, 2008

The WorldWatch Institute has recently released their new State of the World Report 2008 with the subheading “Innovations for a Sustainable Economy“. According to the review on the WorldWatch Institute website (, this report highlights “an array of economic innovations that offer new opportunities for long-term prosperity. For example:

In 2006, an estimated $52 billion was invested in wind power, biofuels, and other renewable energy sources, up 33 percent from 2005. Preliminary estimates indicate that the figure soared as high as $66 billion in 2007. Carbon trading is growing even more explosively, reaching an estimated $30 billion in 2006, nearly triple the amount traded in 2005.”

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State of the World

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