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Posted in Models, Research, Visions by fedwards on December 14th, 2007

See the message below about the Model Sustainable City blogsite from founder, Daniel Miller.

Welcome to Model Sustainable Cities. I hope that this site will become a meeting point, a networking hub for people interested in developing model sustainable cities. Topics will include but not be limited to sustainability, city planning, the hydrogen economy, and renewable resources such as wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal energies.

Macomb, Illinois: An Ideal Location to Develop a Model Sustainable City
Now, I propose that Macomb would be an ideal location to develop a model sustainable city. Perhaps this is also a stretch. But let me build the beginnings of my case.

What does such a city look like? Let me briefly describe a few techniques that could be integrated into a sustainable city. Buildings could be built or retrofitted to become hyper-efficient, using energy from their surroundings for heating and cooling and sometimes even lighting and electricity. Buildings so designed often return energy to the electrical grid. Hydrogen could serve as the premier energy carrier. It could be used as a fuel for transportation in fuel cells or hydrogen internal combustion engines (H2ICE’s). Hydrogen might also heat homes by combustion or by fuel cells producing electricity for heating and other household applications. The hydrogen will be produced from renewable resources such as biomass conversion or from the electrolysis of water using wind or solar energy. Before all our fossil fuels are consumed, they can be reformed to produce hydrogen as a steppingstone toward fully renewable sources of hydrogen.

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