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Research – Study reveals that New York City’s marshes to go

Posted in Research by fedwards on August 3rd, 2007

New York Marshes Vanishing Fast – Study” reported by Daniel Trotta in Planet Ark’s Environmental News, on August 3, 2007, states that “New York City’s wildlife-rich saltwater marsh islands could disappear within five years due to rapidly increasing degradation that may be caused by the dumping of treated sewage, a study showed on Thursday.”

The study conducted by the Jamaica Bay Watershed Protection Plan Advisory Committee says they could disappear by 2012, or 12 years earlier than a previous estimate by the city’s Department of Environmental Protection. The possible and more sudden disappearance of these marshes badly affects the natural environment as the area is home to more than 80 fish species, while some 20 percent of North America’s migratory bird species stop in the marshes.

For more information, go to the full article here.

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