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Research – “Growing Cooler: : The Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change” report

Posted in Models, Research, Visions by fedwards on September 27th, 2007

The Report “Growing Cooler: The Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change” demonstrates that urban growth patterns are both a key contributor to climate change and an essential factor in combating it. The comprehensive review of dozens of studies demonstrates that it will be nearly impossible to avert climate change if the miles we all drive continues to accelerate, and that it is inevitable if we build so as to give ourselves no other choice. Even our most ambitious plans for improving mileage and efficiency for our vehicles will be overwhelmed by the increases in driving our communities require.

But here’s the truly good news: People do drive about a third less in compact, walkable places, with no coercion at all. And according to the market and demographic research amassed for the book, merely meeting the surging demand for these environments could significantly reduce the growth in the number of miles Americans drive, shrinking the nation’s carbon footprint while giving people more housing choices.

To find out more about the report, visit the home page at:

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