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Research – Car parks polluting water

Posted in Research by fedwards on October 26th, 2007

Reported in Environmental Research Web, Oct 10, 2007, is the story, “Car parks are driving water pollution“. This article describes research by researchers at Purdue University, US, who “say that the growing number of car parks being built around the US could be adding to water pollution and heating up urban areas”. A survey of the total area devoted to parking in Tippecanoe, a medium-sized county in the American Midwest, found that parking spaces outnumbered resident drivers by three to one. Researcher, Pijanowski, says that car parks are a major source of water pollution as according to computer models, car parks in Tippecanoe County produce more than 450kg of heavy metal run-off each year. This colossal amount of heavy metal runoff is about 1000 times that of what the same area of agricultural land would produce, says Bernard Engel, who performed the modelling study. This is because soil is better at absorbing contaminants than paved areas.

To read more about this research visit the Environmental Research website,

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