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Provocations – Cities face fluctuant futures

Posted in Research by fedwards on August 5th, 2007

Headlines such as this, “Floods Displace Thousands in Nigerian City“, August 6, Planet Ark Environmental News, are merely a sign of times to come as the uncertainties of climate change take a tighter grip on our world’s cities. Flash floods swept across Nigeria’s biggest city, Lagos, forcing thousands of families from their homes. Reuters correspondents said over 100 homes were submerged by the floods, which began on Wednesday and had not receded by Sunday. Some buildings had collapsed. The reason for the chaos – Lagos lies on the coast and much of it is situated below sea-level, making it prone to flooding.

Many of the victims of climate change will be in the developing world where little disaster-prevention and risk-planning has occurred in their urban centers, while many – especially in the Pacific – also border coasts. A term for this new global victim is “environmental refugee“. Many ngo’s including Friends of the Earth are currently campaigning to protect these people. Visit their website,, for more information about climate change and the people in the developing world it will affect.

Friends of the Earth

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