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Climate Change: A Brief Introduction

Posted in Research by Kate Archdeacon on June 24th, 2010

Source: Food Climate Research Network

Rothamsted Research has put an really useful new document up on its website called: Climate Change- a brief introduction for scientists and engineers – or anyone else who has to do something about it.

The document has been written by David Jenkinson, a Rothamsted senior fellow. It provides a detailed but accessible walk-through of the hows and whats and whys and wheres of climate change. Its chapters cover the following:

  • Chapter 1 – the science of climate change (solar radiation, the greenhouse effect, radiative forcing etc, long term climate variations etc)
  • Chapter 2 – the greenhouse gases (water; sources and sinks of CO2 methane, nitrous oxide; halocarbons, ozone, aerosols)
  • Chapter 3 – how people use energy (fossil fuel combustion, reserves, per capita emissions)
  • Chapter 4 – using models to forecast future climate (models for temperature, precipitation, sea level, extreme weather etc)
  • Chapter 5 – reducing the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere (transport, buildings, industry, electricity generation, carbon capture, agriculture, deforestation)
  • Chapter 6 – geoengineering as a way of counteracting climate change (biological and chemical sequestration, solar iradiation measures)
  • Chapter 7 – energy from biomass (current
  • Chapter 8 – sources of energy that do not depend on carbon (nuclcear fusion and fission, hydroelectricity, wind, wave, solar, tidal, geogrhermal and others)
  • Chapter 9 – adapting to climate change (population growth, sea level rise, water, food security)
  • Chapter 10 – economic incentives to reduce emissions (economic tools, the Kaya Identity)

To download the document go to:

Source: Tara Garnett,  Food Climate Research Network

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