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Better Place: SBS TV Interview

Posted in Movements, Research by Kate Archdeacon on June 8th, 2011

Australia’s SBS Television program Dateline recently interviewed Shai Agassi of Better Place. Watch the video or read the transcript for an update on the Better Place Centre, where visitors can test the cars, and more information on the battery switching technology:

Israeli entrepreneur Shai Agassi thinks he can turn the dream of mass-selling electric cars into reality… and he believes it’s all going to happen in the space of a few years. Video journalist David Brill visits the heart of his Better Place company in Tel Aviv, where visitors are queuing up to try out the cars. But they also want to hear how he’s going to tackle the problem of limited battery range, which has put the brakes on the electric car market until now. Agassi is already building a network of stations for recharging and switching batteries in Israel and Denmark, and now has Australia and the rest of the world in his sights. So does it finally spell the end for the world’s dependence on oil?

WATCH – Click to see David’s report.

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