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Toronto City Hall: Green Roof Showcase

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on September 28th, 2010

Source: MetropolisMag

Image: padraic via flickr CC

Last year Toronto became the first North American city to make green roofs law. All new residential, commercial, and institutional buildings larger than 21,500 square feet are now required to plant at least a portion of their roofs. (Industrial structures must follow suit next year.) But the city didn’t stop at just setting the rules. It has also created a vibrant case study: a 118,000-square-foot public roof garden atop the podium building of city hall.

“The city has really been pushing the green side of construction and wanted to lead by example,” says Bruce Bowes, Toronto’s chief corporate officer. “A number of projects have been undertaken at city hall. One is the roof podium. Others include hooking up to a deep-lake water-cooling system and adding building-automation systems.” The green roof, which makes the building more energy efficient and helps with storm-water management, is the first phase of a revitalization project for Nathan Phillips Square, a broad plaza in front of city hall that is Toronto’s largest public square.

Read the full article by Tim McKeough for Metropolis.

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