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Resource & Review – The Transition Town Movement & Handbook

Posted in Movements, Visions by fedwards on March 10th, 2008

See below a comment by Adam Fenderson from the Energy Bulletin about the Transition Towns movement and the recent book release for the Transition Handbook.

“The Transition Towns project (now Transition Initiatives) is the embodiment of community driven holistic regional planning, with a strong focus on food security. (It has grown out of the Energy Descent Action Plan concept which many may have heard of). For my money it’s the most exciting environmental movement in the world for it’s focus on opportunities and positives while being both radical, broad reaching and practical.

The Transition Handbook has just been released. Here’s a suitably gushy review:
By Richard Barnett, editor of Pulse.

The newly published Transition Handbook is so important that I am tempted just to confine this review to five simple words ‘You must read this book!’ But to do so would, of course, completely fail to communicate its message which is, I believe, so profound and inspiring that I want to do my very best to encourage its spread far and wide. Rob Hopkins is described on the book cover as ‘The Founder of the Transition Movement’. I would add to that that he is a superb communicator, visionary and one of the most important thinkers in our chaotic 21st century world.“”

Read more.

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