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Modular Components for Long-life Electronics

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on March 11th, 2011

Source: Grist

Image: jurvetson via flickr CC

From “What if you updated your electronics like you update your wardrobe?” by Jess Zimmerman:

Designer and TED fellow Dominic Muren wants you to update your electronics like you update your wardrobe. In other words, he thinks you should be able to replace or update only what gets worn out, instead of tossing and re-purchasing everything you own at one whack just because one part is busted or old or doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore.

Who really ever buys all new clothes? Instead, we modify a little at a time, replacing parts that wear out, of adding new pieces as our lifestyle changes. I needn’t point out that clothing is one of the few products manufactured in a distributed way, across the US, by small designer/manufacturers. Why can’t we have the same for electronics? How do we encourage designers to contribute to an ecosystem of pieces, rather than forcing users to buy entirely new clothes every few years?

Click through for Jess’ summary of this original article on Treehugger.

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