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Guerilla Bike Lanes

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on September 3rd, 2009

Source: Going Solar Transport Newsletter

Urban Repair Squad
Image: Urban Repair Squad

“Guerilla Bike Lanes”, from bikeoff

Many cities worldwide have been subject to painters of unofficial cycle markings on urban streets and roadways, in attempt to ‘carve’ themselves out a safer space among all the motorized traffic. Until recently it appears these activists were unknown to each other, though now a number of websites and forums have started to appear to collectively archive instances from different locations and share information.

The Urban Repair Squad are one of the more organized groups – they operate in Toronto, Canada and represent a group of unnamed activists, keen to see the city’s cycle lane infrastructure deployed sooner rather than later, given the authorities recently already delayed two years after promising new cycle routes, without implementing them. Their dissemination includes a downloadable ‘DIY infrastructure’ manual to share their method and objectives.

“They say city is broke. We fix. No charge.”  Urban Repair Squad

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