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Good news for change! Our actions do work!

Posted in Movements, Visions by fedwards on May 29th, 2008

The information below was sourced from Tara Garnett at the Food Climate Research Network, Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey, This is an excellent resource to receive updates on research and events on an international basis pertaining to sustainable food systems. To join the FCRN mailing list please email Tara at taragarnett

Unilever and palm oil
Unilever has announced that it will only be using certified sustainable palm oil in its food and beauty products by 2015. It will start by using certified palm oil as it becomes available in the second half of 2008 and will look to have all the palm oil it uses in Europe fully traceable by 2012.
To read the press release go to:

You may remember that I recently circulated details of a report (mailing of 22/4/08) by Greenpeace which argued that Unilever’s suppliers are destroying peatland forests and orang-utan habitats to grow palm oil. Greenpeace are obviously very pleased with Unilever’s latest decision – see

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