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City Challenge 2010

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on December 4th, 2009

Source: Globe Forum


Globe Forum has decided to challenge all European cities to share their sustainability projects to promote urban sustainable development. City Challenge arose with the goal of showcasing innovations and promoting collaboration between city, municipality and region.  The City Challenge database will give cities from all over Europe a tool for sharing best practices and together shape the cities of tomorrow.  The challenge launched at the EUROCITIES meeting in Stockholm 27th of November 2009 and will go on until Globe Forum 2010 in April.

The first phase of the challenge is all about data collection and finding the right projects. Starting in January, the database will open up and the participating cities will start to fill it with information.  The goal for the cities will be to get as many sustainable projects as possible registered and linked to the city. These projects will form the basis for a unique global database for projects, innovation and ideas about sustainable development.  This is an ongoing process of collaborative problem solving, and the vision is to gather all best practises, from all cities, all over the world.

The database will be used for collaboration and inspiration. The city with the most sustainable projects registered will be recognized at Globe Forum 2010 in Stockholm.

Why take on the challenge?

1. By taking on the challenge the city will become one of the pioneering members of the City Challenge.

2. Your city will get access to the innovative technologies and solutions you need to succeed.

3. Leading tool for cities, researchers,businesses and innovators when looking for best practises within sustainable urban development.

4. Profit from the expertise of many in sustainable urban development – simply by using the power of collaborative problem solving.

5. Showcase your city as a leading sustainable city.

6. Display your results, progress, and receive real time status of what is going on globally insustainable development.

7. Find projects and practises by regional affiliation, industry and type of project.

8. Pin down what to focus on in urban development.

9. Collaborate more effectively across industries.

10. Get powerful feedback instantly.

11. The city with the most sustainable projects registered will be acknowledged during the Globe Forum sustainability conference,Stockholm 28-29 April 2010.

12. All shared cases will undergo the vetting process for Globe Award 2010, leading sustainability awards, nomination.

Source: Globe Forum

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