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Call for Rooftop Agricultural Greenhouses: New York

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on March 24th, 2010

Source: Bright Farm Systems

From Call for Rooftop Agricultural Greenhouses:

On February 17, 2010, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer published his second report on the future of New York City’s food system – FoodNYC: A Blueprint for a Sustainable Food System. This groundbreaking report outlines a wide range of initiatives and policy changes which, if implemented, Stringer suggests will dramatically improve the quality and environmental sustainability of New York City’s food system. At the top of the list of recommendations is a call for the development of rooftop agricultural greenhouses. The report argues that, New York City should “establish food production as a priority … for personal, community, or commercial use by the year 2030.” To achieve this, the report recommends, among other production approaches, “the development of rooftop agricultural greenhouses.” BrightFarm Systems welcomes the report’s recommendations, and thanks the Borough President for his support of sustainable food policy. We are particularly pleased to endorse the call for changes to be made, or exceptions granted, to zoning and building regulations which currently inhibit the development of New York’s rooftop farming industry. Greenhouses installed on a roof currently count towards a building’s FAR (the rules dictating the height or volume a building can be built to). BrightFarm Systems has long argued that classifying greenhouses along with commercial and residential space in this manner is counter-productive and unnecessary. We welcome the Borough President’s call to address this and similar policy barriers, and to create a simple mechanism for the consideration of worthy rooftop greenhouse projects.

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