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Build it back green: A global movement

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on August 4th, 2010

Source: Green Cross Australia

From “Build It Back Green: A Global Movement“:

“Build it back green” (BIBG) is a new global movement which recognises that scientific predictions of more intense severe weather are becoming a reality.  Each major event offers the opportunity to break the greenhouse emissions cycle if we rebuild with a reduced carbon footprint.

Katrina provides the wake-up call

The BIBG movement started in New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina which the world watched in horror.  Green Cross’s US affiliate Global Green catalysed a major green rebuilding effort in New Orleans supported by Brad Pitt, Habitat for Humanity and dozens of business and community groups who share the vision. This effort is now delivering thousands of green homes and neighborhoods are being transformed.

Greensburg Kansas follows the example

Greensburg Kansas is a conservative midwest US town which was devastated by a 2007 tornado.  The entire town is rebuilding with sustainability and community development in mind, and has captured the imagination of the American public. Watch their progress on YouTube.

Flowerdale follows suit after the horror of Black Saturday

Right now Australia is joining the BIBG movement, finding hope in the aftermath of the horrors of Black Saturday Victorian bushfires which destroyed more than 2,000 homes and 3,500 structures in total. Flowerdale is an inspiring example of a Victorian community pulling together to rebuild their lives, homes, community centres and schools in a more sustainable way.  Green Cross Australia and its partners – Australian Conservation Foundation, Alternative Technology Association, Habitat for Humanity Australia, and Green Building Council of Australia – are determined to support Black Saturday affected communities with green rebuilding tools from a base in Flowerdale, a town determined to create a sustainable future out of a tragic episode.

Queensland prepares to rebuild green after its next major weather event

The Queensland government recognises its growing exposure to severe weather as the planet warms. Green Cross Australia has been selected as the Q2 Environment Foundation Partner of the Bligh Government, and BIBG will underpin our efforts to support reduced household emissions right across the State.  Together with our BIBG partners and Queensland government agencies, Green Cross is preparing to BIBG after Queensland’s next cyclone or major flood or fire.

Visit the Green Cross Australia website for more information.

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