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The Parisian Model – More little stores rather than fewer giants

Posted in Models, Visions by fedwards on June 25th, 2007

Reported in NPR, Parisian culture recognises the value of having a thriving city culture of small businesses.

“One of the main goals of the city of Paris is to keep the huge supermarkets out because they are the main competition for small businesses,” says Patrice Vermelleine, who is in charge of economic development for the city.

Examples of the local diversities are butchers, cheese shops, florists, bakeries and cafes all doing a brisk business on the same street. According to the article, the arrival of larger, wholesale stores would threaten the continued existence of these smaller, specialty shops.

These small neighborhood stores play an integral role in Parisian life. Shopkeepers and residents say it is the variety of businesses that gives the city a village feel, and for that, they are willing to pay a little extra.

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