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The Ideas Compass: On-Line Corporate Social Innovation

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on June 18th, 2010

Source: Core 77

Doing good business and doing good for the world need not be mutually exclusive. In fact more and more companies are making the world’s problems their business.  This website aims to help companies realise their potential.

The Ideas Compass is the place where small and medium-sized companies can find inspiration to innovate and evolve. The focus of the website is on CSR-driven innovation – an innovation process focusing on current social and environmental needs which gives companies an opportunity to develop sustainable products or services.  Tools are provided to set company strategies or goals, while a wide range of business case studies can be searched for relevant guidance.

CSI (Corporate Social Innovation) is also called sustainable innovation. CSI is about creating a good business by having sustainability as a focal point when the corporation develops a new product or service. This entails developing products or services which may relieve some of the world’s problems, such as disease, contaminated water, CO2 emission, hunger or the lack of education. CSI is also referred to as CSR innovation. CSI is useful for businesses which work with innovation and/or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Visit the website for more information or to get involved.

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