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Vision – The City as Catchment

Posted in Models by fedwards on March 26th, 2007

The City of the Future is a competition for designers and engineers held by The History Channel. Designers and engineers from Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles compete "to produce a vision of their city 100 years from now that, like the engineering and architectural marvels of past civilizations, has the staying power to endure for centuries to come". The winning team for 2007 was Urbanlab with their Growing Water project based in Chicago. As described in their own words:

"In 2106, water will be the world’s most valuable resource: the new oil. UrbanLab’s project envisions Chicago evolving into a model city for "growing water" by creating a series of Eco-Boulevards spread throughout the city. The Eco-boulevards will function as a giant "Living Machine" which will treat 100% of Chicago’s wastewater and stormwater naturally, using micro-organisms, small invertebrates (such as snails), fish and plants. Treated water will be harvested and/or returned to the Great Lakes Basin. Ultimately, the Eco-Boulevards will create a closed water loop within Chicago."

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