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Posted in Models, Movements by fedwards on November 2nd, 2007

The Sustainable Maleny website represents a town in hinterland Queensland, Australia, who are “taking locally-focused action on Climate Change and Peak Oil“.

A welcome addition to the Sustainable Cities Network, articles on the site regularly updated site include:

• Walk Against Warming
The SCEC hosted National Walk Against Warming event will be held on Sunday 11 November 2007 at 10.30 am at Alexandra Headlands Surf club (along Aerodrome Road to Sixth Avenue and back)

• The Queensland Oil Vulnerability Taskforce Report
Two and a half years after Premier Beattie appointed Andrew McNamara to chair a task force to examine Queensland’s vulnerability to rising oil prices, the report has finally been released. It apparently spent many months at the bottom of a drawer.

The report concludes that the overwhelming evidence is that world oil production will peak within the next 10 years, and recommends that a prudent risk mitigation approach requires a mix of initiatives such as reduction in consumption of liquid fossil fuels, encouraging the development and use of alternative fuels, technologies and strategies, and preparation for demographic and regional changes, as Queenslanders change travel, work and living habits in response to rising fuel prices.”

• Solar Hot Water Drive: Phase 2
Over the past few months the Sustainable Maleny team has been working hard on a project to make cheap solar hot water systems available to our members. We formed a partnership with Solahart Sunshine Coast and together formulated a two-phase “Solar Hot Water Drive”.

To see more of the action on this site visit Sustainable Maleny website

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