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Urban Design Strategies: Subway Car Studios

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on August 11th, 2009

Source: CLEAR Village

village underground

Village Underground is one of the more mysterious sights of London: a set of disused Tube carriages perched on top of a disused viaduct in the heart of the East End.  Auro Foxcroft, now 30, came up with the idea after struggling to find affordable studio space. After a flash of inspiration whilst on a train, he called London Underground, who agreed to sell him 4 carriages heading for the scrap yard.  The carriages cost around £200 each, although the entire procedure, which included negotiating planning permission and hiring huge cranes to winch the carriages into position, cost £25,000.  They’re now rented out on a not-for-profit basis, costing around £30 for a five metre area. As well as recycling the carriages themselves, eco-friendly paints and sustainable timber were used throughout. Green power is also employed.  Inhabitat recently revealed that Berlin, Lisbon and Toronto may soon host the concept in their own cities.

Article by cate @  CLEAR Village

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