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Retrofitting Apartments with Smart Meters

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on December 2nd, 2010

Source: EcoVoice

From “Brisbane residential high-rise leads the way with advanced smart metering system“:

Brisbane ‘cleantech’ company, networkGreen, has signed a 10 year contract with Felix Apartments to retrofit the latest in embedded smart meter technology and manage the on-supply of electricity, hot water, and gas.  Daniel Filmer, Managing Director of networkGreen, said that this was a significant milestone in the evolution of sustainable living by bringing meaningful electricity, water, gas consumption data to the individual user.

“High-rise buildings are one of the largest contributors to carbon pollution, we wanted to allow residents to see what they were using in real-time, so they had the opportunity to reduce waste and create a more sustainable way of living .” he said.  Felix Apartments comprises of 253 residential apartments over 39 levels and will undergo a retrofit program to install the embedded smart-meter technology, which will allow each occupant individual access to their electricity, water and gas consumption by logging into their secure web portal for their apartment.

networkGreen smart meter systems use the latest technology to capture accurate electricity, water and gas usage information and display this information to the end user through a secure and easy to use online web portal and iPhone application.

Read the full article on Eco-Voice.

One Response to “Retrofitting Apartments with Smart Meters”

  1. Miss American Says:

    September 23rd, 2011 at 8:35 am

    I sure wish the people promoting this ‘wonderful’ technology would address the serious health ramifications of multi-family dwellings with hundreds of meters. There might as well be 100 cell towers right inside their apartments. This boodoogle is a future health nightmare. But the PUCs, utilities, and companies grabbing for their piece of the pie NEVER mention health aspects that will ruin some people’s lives.