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Movement – Are you a CRAG?

Posted in Models, Movements by fedwards on July 5th, 2007

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A CRAG is a group of people who have decided to act together to reduce their individual and collective carbon footprints. They do this in annual cycle. First they set themselves an annual emissions target or “carbon ration”. Then they keep track of their emissions over the year by keeping a record of their household energy use and private car and plane travel.

Finally, at the end of the year, they take responsibility for any “carbon debt” (i.e. emissions over and above their ration) that they have built up. All carbon debts are paid into the group’s “carbon fund” at an agreed rate per kilo of CO2 debt. The fund is then distributed as agreed by the members of the group.

The CRAG movement is based on the concept of “carbon rationing“. In a carbon rationing society, those producing more than their fair share (or ration) of green house gases can only do so by finding someone who is living within their fair share and therefore has some ration to spare. In this way, polluters are penalised, the rest of society benefits and the total amount of green house gases produced is controlled. If we reduce the size of our ration year by year, carbon rationing becomes a pathway to a fairer, lower carbon future.

Existing CRAG groups already number 40 groups – mainly within the UK, although the group of Maryland is the first of its kind in the US! Click here if you’re interested in checking out existing CRAG groups.

If you’re interested in starting your own CRAG – possibly extending their grasp into other nations – click here to access a short guide.

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