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Model – more large-scale solar farms – now in Africa!

Posted in Models, Movements by fedwards on August 22nd, 2007

Reported in The Ecologist, 15/08/2008, Algeria has begun work on the first of four industrial-scale hybrid gas and solar plants in a bid to switch from oil production to solar power. Their aim is to produce 6% of the country’s energy from renewable electricity by 2015. The first project, which will combine gas and steam turbines with solar thermal input, is located 260 miles away from Algiers at Hassi R’Mel, and will generate 25 MW from solar thermal alone.

This large-scale production of renewable energy sources is becoming a trend around the world, with similar projects in the USA and Spain (search this website for other stories). However, this Algerian example is one of the first major moves towards renewables by an oil exporting country. Algeria is heavily dependent on oil and gas exports, which earned it about $54 billion last year. For the complete story, visit The Ecologist website.

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