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Model – Milk from your own cow!

Posted in Models, Visions by fedwards on July 16th, 2008

Please see some information below about a novel idea from Herdshare, I, for one, would love to learn more about it. Do you know of any other similar examples? Comments are welcome!

Milk from your own cow!
As the ‘locavore’ movement gains momentum, we’re realising the benefit of sourcing our food locally more and more. Here’s a new initiative to help us source raw milk locally too. It’s called ‘Herdshare‘. How it works is you pay a farmer a fee for boarding your cow, (or share of a cow), caring for and milking the cow. You then obtain (but don’t purchase) the milk from your own cow… It’s kinda like owning a share in a crop, racehorse or a bull, but better. It’s still in the development stages, but if enough of us express our interest it really could happen.

If you are interested please pass it on or register here

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