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Model – China takes on more clean energy sources for Olympics

Posted in Models by fedwards on July 24th, 2007

Beijing, China, is investing in more clean energies to prepare for the 2008 Olympic Games. 580 million yuan (U8S$76.69 million) has been invested to build 33 windmills to generate an estimated 100 million kwh of electricity a year and help reduce the city’s reliance on polluting coal-fired generators, the China Daily said. The new power plants will sit on the outskirts of Beijing combining with other efforts to reduce the pollution in the city of Beijing which include imposing a Car-Free month and supporting other clean technologies such as solar energy.

According to an article published in Planet Ark World News, the wind-generated energy project will cut carbon dioxide emissions by at least 10 million tonnes per year in addition to powering at least 20 percent of the Olympic venues. The government was also considering subsidies to encourage people to use wind power. “China has the greatest wind power reserves in the world, but the high cost and China’s reliance on imports of equipment has slowed down the development of wind power,” an energy official was quoted as saying.

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