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What is Green? Retail Icon System

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on November 23rd, 2009

Source: O2: network for sustainable design

Image: Green Depot

Green Depot is a US supplier of environmentally friendly and sustainable building products, services and home solutions.  Its stated goal is to establish sustainable building as cost competitive, and to provide products of the highest quality that are certified green.  All of the products Green Depot sells must pass through its proprietary green “filter,” a strict quality and values criteria focusing on health, durability, performance, life cycle, natural resource conservation and energy conservation.  This filter is designed to address the issues of greenwashing that serve to confuse and mislead consumers, and ensure an accurate evaluation of each product carried.

In 2008, Green Depot evolved its goal of demystifying green for consumers by developing a system of icons to break down green into five simple categories: air quality, local, social responsibility, energy & conservation.  These icons allow customers to choose products that address the aspects of green living that are most important to themselves, their budgets and their families, identifying every product that meets one of the filter criteria.  They are displayed as a half-tone if a product performs better than most conventional products but has room for improvement, and full-tone if it truly meets or exceeds standards.

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