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Audio files available of Roberto Perez, Cuban permaculturalist

Posted in Models by fedwards on November 28th, 2008

Roberto Perez, Cuban permaculturalist (featured in the documentary The Power of Community), travelled to Australia recently to speak about Cuba, food and fossil fuels – see the post “Event – Organic Cuba: Abandoning Fossil Fuels – Public meeting featuring Roberto Perez – 5 April“. A popular guest, Perez gave an inspiring talk at London Food Link’s Big Autumn Do in September 2008. He focused on how Cuba responded to peak oil and its transition to a more sustainable model of agriculture which included thriving urban agriculture projects throughout Havana.

His presentation was recorded and can be accessed at: cuba-1.mp3 cuba-2.mp3 cuba-3.mp3 cuba-4.mp3

Please bear in mind these are huge files, so you should only stream the audio rather than downloading the files.

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