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1970s 2-bedroom flat: Medium-density retrofit

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on March 23rd, 2010

Source: Ecovation via The Ecologist

From “Eco-renovation of a 1970’s 2-bed flat“:

“Our 1970’s flat in North Oxford had had very little work done to it since it had been built. We bought it a year ago and have undertaken an eco-renovation, learning as we went along. This was made slightly more challenging by living in it while all the work was done but at least we knew what was going on!  Our intention was to create a light, low energy, low-water usage, low-carbon, healthy living space for ourselves. Where it has not been possible to reuse, we have tried to use products that are natural, have low embodied energy, use minimal energy, are from an ethical source and that have minimal toxicity. We are hoping to demonstrate to our neighbours and others that one does not need a huge house in the country and pots of money to “go green”.”

The rest of this excellent article goes into detail about problems, solutions, materials, products and suppliers.  The decisions and compromises that the occupants made are carefully outlined.  This article is a rare insight into retro-fitting (or “eco-renovating”) a flat rather than a house.  -KA

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