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How To Use This Site

SustainableCitiesNet is an on-line resource to showcase and inventory international environmental initiatives, models and resources on a city-scale that contribute to creating sustainable cities. The site also acts as a portal of communication and support to members of Sustainable Cities throughout the world.

To search the site for information or inspiration either place key terms in the search category or click on the tags at the top of the screen.

To contribute a post either sign in with your account for this site, go to login or retrieve your password. Otherwise you will need to create a contributor account. In order to do so, please first go to register as a contributor. You will then be able to login and write a post draft. Once it is saved, site moderators will be able to approve it. To learn how to write posts, you can go to this tutorial on how to write posts. Some other documentation can be found at the ‘Wordpress for Beginners’ section on the WordPress site. Or, if you would like assistance on how to use the ‘Write Page’, contact us.

To comment on a topic go to the bottom of the post in question and follow the prompts. SustainableCitiesNet encourages on-site debate to push ahead urban sustainability knowledge and practice. Each comment will be approved to the moderator within a couple of days before being published online.

Disclaimer: By contributing posts, comments and images to this blogsite, you licence VEIL to communicate the information to the public on the blogsite and through other means, such as copy in print and other publications. VEIL also has the right to alter, add, correct or not post information in accordance to their standards and own judgement. Contributors to this site must warrant that material posted does not infringe on anyone else’s copyright nor contain any defamatory or obscene content.