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Review – International Buy Nothing Day

Posted in Events, Movements, Visions by fedwards on December 3rd, 2007

As reported from the Adbusters website,, International BUY NOTHING DAY (BND) was a success as proven by the thousands of people around the world who participated in Buy Nothing Day protests and thousands more who participated by taking a 24-hour timeout from consumerism.

Held on the 24 November, Buy Nothing Day is a day of informal protest to highlight the excessive consumption and associated waste that we produce. It also recognises the paradoxes of long work hours, shopping obsessions with such as events as the “zombie walk”.

BND was a big media success as well, garnering broad international coverage of the event. BND stories appeared on CNN, the BBC, CBC, and the New York Times, as well as dozens of local newspapers and radio stations. In addition, 3000 people sent emails to MTV during Buy Nothing Day, disputing MTV’s decision to censor the BND burping pig TV-spot. The controversy got the attention of the media, and exposed the discrepancy between MTV’s marketing pose and the corporate reality.

Now that Buy Nothing Day is over, Adbusters and other Buy Nothing Teams are carrying the spirit of the event into Buy Nothing Christmas, a new kind of Christmas in which spending restful time with family replaces the annual shopping frenzy.

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International Buy Nothing Day

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