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RSVP now for the Sustainable Cities Round Table on Healthy Cities!

Posted in Uncategorized by fedwards on October 23rd, 2008 and the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL) invite you to:

The Sustainable Cities Round Table on Healthy Cities
Village Roadshow Theatrette, The State Library of Victoria
6-8pm, Wednesday12 November 2008
A free event!

In partnership with the Australasian Centre for the Governance and Management of Urban Transport (GAMUT) and the State Library of Victoria.

Register your attendance to by 7 November.
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Do you have an idea to change the world – Project 10 to 100 – submission deadline 20 October!

Posted in Uncategorized by fedwards on October 9th, 2008

Google has launched Project 10100 – a project that calls for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible. Google believes the answers are already out there to help others – “Maybe in a lab, or a company, or a university — but maybe not. Maybe the answer that helps somebody is in your head, in something you’ve observed, some notion that you’ve been fiddling with, some small connection you’ve noticed, some old thing you have seen with new eyes”.

Google are also fully committed to funding the winning ideas. Time is running out for submissions – the deadline is 20 October – don’t miss out!

To learn more about Project 10100 visit their website.

Call for proposals: Addressing the climate vulnerabilities of urban Africa

Posted in Uncategorized by fedwards on October 2nd, 2008

To better prepare Africa’s urban settlements for climate variability and change, the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa (CCAA) program invites combined research and capacity building proposals that address the vulnerabilities of Africa’s urban centres to climate change, and will help urban stakeholders work together in developing adaptation options.

This call for proposals is co-funded by CCAA and IDRC’s Urban Poverty and Environment program. The application and project development process is led by CCAA.

Full details on this call can be found at: Completed applications, accompanied by full proposals, must be submitted no later than midnight, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), November 30, 2008 to: ccaa-urbancall

The Climate Change Adaptation in Africa (CCAA) research and capacity development program is jointly funded by IDRC and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID).

Seeking academic contributors for the Green Series

Posted in Uncategorized by fedwards on September 18th, 2008

Please see a message below which may be of interest to Sustainable Cities readers from Ellen Ingber, Author Manager, Golson Media.

“We are inviting academic editorial contributors to the Green Series, a new electronic reference series for academic and public libraries addressing all aspects of environmental issues, including alternative energies, sustainability, politics, agriculture, and many other subjects that will comprise a 12-title set. Each title has approximately 150 articles (much like encyclopedia articles) on major themes, ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 words. We are starting the assignment process for articles for the first three titles in the series with a deadline of FEBRUARY 2, 2009:
Green Energy
Green Politics
Green Food

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A fantastic new resource – launches!

Posted in Uncategorized by fedwards on September 3rd, 2008

Cool Climate Jobs is an exciting new online job resource for the climate and renewable energy communities. Featuring jobs in the climate, renewable energy, and green collar research, policy, and practice fields from around the world, Cool Climate Jobs is free to browse as well as an affordable platform to promote your employment opportunities. It’s just $125 (American dollars) ($100 for non-profit organizations) for a 4 week posting – internship postings are always free. There are also sponsorship and advertising opportunities to showcase your event or organization directly to thousands of skilled members of the climate and renewable energy industries.

For more information visit:

Launch of e-publication “Cultivating the Web”

Posted in Uncategorized by fedwards on August 29th, 2008

Eat Well Guide’s first publication, “Cultivating the Web: High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Food Movement” has just been launched and is available for free download at

“Cultivating the Web” highlights how new media is supporting the agrarian revival and also includes a comprehensive list of web resources for all sorts of good food fighters, from farmers to foodies to activists. This book is the first of its kind for our movement, and includes contributions from Joan Gussow, Marion Nestle, Bill McKibben, Tom Philpott, Bonnie Powell, Kerry Trueman, Anya Fernald and Fritz Haeg.

You can also learn more on the Green Fork Blog,

Sustainable Cities – Snapshot of

Posted in Uncategorized by fedwards on July 9th, 2008

Please find a snapshot below of one of the more recent posts from, part of the Sustainable Cities Network. To view the original post visit


Networks – “” promotes worldwide cooperation for sustainable mobility

Posted in Uncategorized by Cities-for-Mobility on July 1st, 2008

Cities for Mobility is a worldwide network of local actors engaged in promoting sustainable urban mobility: It comprises almost 500 local autorities, public transport companies and partners from private business, science, education and civil society from over 60 countries from all world regions. The network has been created by the German Municipality of Stuttgart (Mayor Dr. Wolfgang Schuster) in 1999.

If you are interested in joining the network free of charge, please visit the “Documents” section of (“membership forms”) or write to

You are kindly invited to join existing project initiatives and to bring in new ones.

Currently the network members put special emphasis on the crucial issue of rising energy prices in the ending oil age. How will local authorities be able/enabled to guarantee in the future sufficient mobility services to their citizens at affordable prices? The rational use of energy, energy-efficient vehicles as e.g. bicycles or electric mobility (above all Light Electric Vehicles – LEV; and the use of renewable energy sources in transport are among the most urgently needed and most promising solutions that are already available at present.

C4M members are invited to gather in Stuttgart at the yearly World Congress at the beginning of June (next event: 15-16 June 2009) or at Regional Congresses in other parts of the world.

Resource – Free job postings at – only ’til end of June!

Posted in Uncategorized by fedwards on June 19th, 2008

Please see a message below from Ami at

“My name is Ami, and I am the director of I am writing to ask you a favor. This month we are doing something special at Idealist, and we need your help to spread the word.

Here is the story. Posting a job on Idealist usually costs $60 (we are a nonprofit ourselves, and this small fee keeps us afloat) but starting today, and through the end of June, all job postings on Idealist are free for any nonprofit organization.

We are doing this so that any organization can try us at no cost, and our ultimate goal is to bring you every nonprofit job
that’s open around the country (as well as internships and volunteer opportunities, which are always free).

Lastly, here is a video we produced for this month, that describes why Idealist is the best place to post a nonprofit job:

Ami Dhar
Executive Director

Comment – Noise pollution in cities

Posted in Uncategorized by fedwards on June 13th, 2008

The section below is republished with permission from the Going Solar Transport Newsletter #63, 10 June 2008, compiled by Stephen Ingrouille. Going Solar,

Noise Pollution
“Drivers hooted their way through Mumbai’s first no-honking day, ignoring efforts to cut the ear-splitting cacophony of life in India’s most bustling city. …The city of 18 million suffers from severe noise pollution, with not even designated ‘no honking zones’ – such as for hospitals and educational institutions – spared by impatient drivers. …Doctors say noise pollution stemming from cars, motorcycles, trucks and air traffic takes a toll on health, pushing up stress levels. Last year, the World Health Organisation said long-term exposure to traffic noise could be linked to heart disease.”

Ref: SMH, 8/4/08, URL

Quiet Ultra-Light Rail
“I live in close proximity to the line that runs between Stourbridge Junction and Stourbridge Town [in the UK] and during the week am plagued with the noise made by the rail carriage that generally uses that line. However, Sundays are a totally different situation. Your ‘People Mover’ slips virtually silently up and down the line and almost goes unnoticed. Apart from
the benefits to ourselves and other residents of reduced noise, I would imagine that there is also a significant reduction in the amount of fumes and other gases that pollute the environment.”
Ref: Parry People Mover Website 24/8/06, URL

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